Posted by: bakauhiyon | September 9, 2008

Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city

Bunderan HI Jakarta
Bunderan HI Jakarta
Sudirman Statue Jakarta Indonesia

Sudirman Statue Jakarta Indonesia

Jakarta begin its history in 16th century as a Town Harbour SUNDA KELAPA under the name of JAYAKARTA meaning Glorious Victory by Prince FATAHILLAH in June 21, 1527.

The arrival of VOC In the Dutch Era Colonialisation in 1619, destroyed the City of Jayakarta and change the name into BATAVIA.

After the outbreak of World War II where the troops of align European country: Bitish, Dutch, America defeating Japanese troop between 1942 to 1945 during which time Batavia change the name into JAKARTA and was retained after Indonesia achieved national independence after the war’s ending.                      

From the long History above, until now one could find a World War Second Cemetery in Jakarta where the troops from: UK, AUSTRALIA, DUTCH, US and the GURKHA from PAKISTAN and INDIA were  been buried over here in a site called MENTENG PULO as a World War Second Memory. In  one  occassion the Prince Charles of UK was taken a chance visited this site when the Prince and the Lady came and Visit Indonesia in 1989. 

Gatot Subroto Str, Jakarta



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