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Weh Island-Sabang is Indonesia Most NorthWestern Zero Kilometer.

Sabang is a small town in a cluster of Weh island, the islands
which located at most NorthWestern corner of Indonesia Region.
From faraway all visitors come from  Banda Aceh’s UleeLheue
seaport by a Ro-ro Ferry or speedy boat would find a very scenic
view of a mountain range of Weh Island which covered by a lush
green trees confined by  a bluish crystal clear sea water.

Balohan Seaport, Weh Island

Balohan Seaport, Weh Island

Sabang is a small city in Pulau WEH (Weh Island), a city which is located 10 km away to the North from Balohan Sea Port.
An excursion on Sabang and its Surrounding were merely a Hilly Mountains, Beach Resort and to a few Small islands near by like
Rubiah Island, Rondo Island, Seulako Island, Klah Island and a
pristine of IBOIH and GAPANG, NOL (=zero) KILOMETER and other beaches with its beautiful nature and marine life

fisherman village sabang

fisherman village sabang

Sailing from Ulee Lheue to Sabang vise
versa is a nice experience, it was an approximately 45 minutes enjoyable boat travel. The boat depart from Ulee Lheue  sea port
at 10.00 in the morning and reach Sabang Sea Port at Balohan
Bay before noon. The scenery between the two port is a stunning beauty, we could see a bluish mountain range from far away,
a wide scape of a Blue ocean and a huge white cloud hanging in the airweh island view from speed boat
Sabang is also one of a popular destination
in the most northwestern parts of Indonesia. The visitor from
abroad come to visit Sabang and its surrounding beside enjoy
the beautiful Panorama of the Weh Island, also for scuba diving, snorkelling, jungle tracking or just strolling along the beach resort
SpeedBoat Ulee Lheue seaport, Aceh

SpeedBoat Ulee Lheue seaport, Aceh

My travel to the island is a part of a trip from my home little town  Bogor   via Jakarta take a Lion which transit at Medan Polonia and then to Banda Aceh where I stayed a few nights to Enjoy a City which called as Serambi Mekah


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