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Baiturrachman Banda Aceh

Baiturrachman Banda Aceh

HISTORY IN BRIEF. Since centuries ago, Aceh region was seated on a strategic position as the gate for trading and cultural exchange which interlink the East and the West and is known as a transit place for merchants coming from China, Europe, Indian and Arab. This strategic position allow Aceh region as an entrance gate for any culture and religion into the Southeast Asian archipelago.

Museum Negeri Banda Aceh

Museum Negeri Banda Aceh

Aceh begin its history when Marco Polo, the Venetian adventurer was visited Peureulak (Perlak) in 1292, called it Lamri. The Portuguese, who arrived at the beginning of the 16th century, called it Achem, and the Dutch, who carne about a century later, initially referred to it as Achin.

The Dutch Indies Company well known with VOC initiated their trader on Agribusiness in Indonesia since 1602, the trading which cover almost a whole region of Indonesia including Aceh region.

Meuligoe NAD, Pendopo Gubernur Banda Aceh

Meuligoe NAD, Pendopo Gubernur Banda Aceh

Aceh became a regional power under Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607-1636) and defeated Johor, Pahang, and Kedah in Malaysia. They also defeated a Portuguese sailor.

Kerkhoff, Dutch soldiers graveyards Banda Aceh

Kerkhoff, Dutch soldiers graveyards Banda Aceh

ACEH WAR which happened since 1873 was also popular among Aceh Historian in which Acehness claims that the Dutch never fully colonized them, Aceh War was a longest day and deeply rooted to the Acehness which lasting over 100 years.

Base on the History, exploring the whole of NAD, we could find so many ancient building in every region with the design by the Dutch Architecture and a few building with the design influenced by a mixture of the Dutch and (Sultan) Melayu architecture.


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