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Takengon, a Lake front city in Aceh Indonesia

Takengon Aceh Indonesia

TAKENGON. A small town located about 350 km south of Banda Aceh, takes about 7 to 8 hours to reach the destination by land transportation from Banda Aceh via Sigli, Bireun, Gayo Luwes, Bener Meriah.

TAKENGON is the Capital City of Central Aceh District which situated on the altitude of 1200 meters above see level, a hilly town with an elevation range between 900 to 2600 meters and occupied a 4,318. 39 square meters,

Takengon Danau Laut Tawar Aceh, Indonesia

Takengon Danau Laut Tawar Aceh, Indonesia

Takengon is a place with a fresh and cool holiday resort with an average temperature about 20 degrees Celcius. Takengon was also called as TANAH GAYO or the land of Gayonese peoples, an ethnic in Aceh which comprise from a mixing of few Indonesian ethnic groups who lives and socialized on this beautiful land for many generations.

DANAU LAUT TAWAR is an enchanting nature of beauty in Takengon, Laut means sea and Tawar means fresh water, so its means an ocean lake of fresh water.

Danau Laut Tawar Aceh

Danau Laut Tawar Aceh

You could see a view of Danau Laut Tawar from a Hill side called PANTAN TERONG, from above it was seen as a water basin which drain its water flow to PEUSANGAN river. One could enjoy skiing, boating, fishing and hiking at Danau Laut Tawar. Another interesting tour spots are: warm water pool at Simpang Balek, Loyang Koro and Loyang Pukes caves were also a fascinating objects by the side of Danau Laut Tawar.



  1. This area one of the most beautiful place in Aceh is Takengon city beside beautiful lake sorround by mountain.

  2. Assalamualaikum Wr. Wbr.

    salam kenal

  3. thank you for visiting my page, Takengon is really a fascinating town in Aceh

  4. Sala kenal kembali, terimakasih atas kunjungannya dan banyak info yang bagus dari blog pak syaiful, Waalaikumsalam WrWb

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