I was born in Indonesia in a small village which    was located at the southern tip of Sumatra island, it was inside Lampung Provine, my village is at the Lampung Bay where long long ago peoples call this site as WAY( water or river) HANDAK( white) but today , WAY HANDAK by its long history became KALIANDA.

I love my villages so much  by it was not far from the sea and we found so many MANGROVES growth along the shore ine.

A beach side Kalianda Lampung Indonesia

A beach side Kalianda Lampung Indonesia


MANGROVE in Indonesia is BAKAU and in the line with BAKAU HIYON,  it was a word of local(LAMPUNG) language which comprise into two words: BAKAU means mangrove and HIYON means silence or tranQuil, so BAKAUHIYON means  a cluster of mangroves which growth in a beauty of Lampung Bay in a lonely or tranquil place. The beach along Lampung Bay was also represent its beauty, we could see the harmony of Mount Rajabasa, the Blue Lagoon of Lampung Bay and an awesome of Mount Krakatau’s active Volcano

KALIANDA is a small village, beside  located at the foot of Gunung (mountain) RAJA BASA and if we are sailing a few mile away we could find KRAKATAU an ACTIVE VOLCANO which was erupted in August 27,1883.  Gunung anak Krakatau (the child of Krakatau) thence which began to emerge to the Sea Surface in 1926 is an active Volcano which also a popular  Tourist attraction until now. The picture on the left is a view in a small port at Kalianda Bawah (Lower Kalianda), where we could see a wooden mades fishermen canoe

Now I live in an old city Bogor, located about 60 KM away south of JAKARTA, at the Southern border line of Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta, on the western parts of JAVA island.  I work as a state veterinary officer in a National Veterinary Assay Laboratory.

In Bogor you could find a former Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles Residence , a British Governor in 18 Centuries.Now this former British Residence became a wellknown of ISTANA BOGOR or BOGOR PRESIDENT PALACE which was located at the same compound of  BUITENZORG or BOGOR BOTANICAL GARDEN, an Indoesian  National Garden where we could discover more than 14,000 species of trees big and small inside.

gue017I love traveling, reading, collecting stamp,collecting postcards, coins, phone cards, love animals,love dogs and cats,ecotourism, photography and many others that I do to represent you which  will be appear through this nice blog.



  1. Thank you for your comment at my blog. I am looking forward to read the post at your blog, and learn something about Indonesia, so far from here. It will be very interesting. I hope you will post often.

  2. Thank you giid, I ready to prepare for another post

  3. Your Blog is good to know the natural beauty of Indonesia. I also love walking, and are working to write in a blog.

    : )

  4. Salam kenal 🙂

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